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In our fifth episode, we are talking about being different. We have a special guest, Lisa DeWeert, who was born with a mild case of arthrogryposis which means she has shorter muscles in her arms. Today, she encourages us to celebrate what makes each of us unique. We talk about how her faith impacts her view of her differences and how she’s had to have courage to try hard things – like put pizza in and out of the oven.


  1. How are you different from your friends?
  2. How does that make you feel?
  3. Who is in your friend group at school or church?
  4. Do you feel like they have your back and you can trust them?
  5. What is something about yourself that bothers you or makes you feel less than?

About Lisa

  • From Bloomington-Normal, IL
  • Just graduated grad school with Master’s in communication (her love language is talking!)
  • world traveler
  • Currently works at a University as a career advisor, helping students with their early professional journeys
  • Born with smaller muscles in arms and hands (called arthrogryposis… and note, I have mild case of it)
  • She believes that your personal relationship with Jesus is pretty much all that matters
  • Enneagram 2!

Find Lisa on social:

Email: [email protected]