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We are continuing our fantastic interview with Dr. Kathy Koch, the author of the 8 Great Smarts book.

In Episode 4, Dr. Kathy helps us:

  • Reawaken any “inactive” smarts
  • Help us to view our misbehavior in a new way
  • Encourages us to continue growing and learning
  • Describes the last four smarts: body, people, nature and self.

Dr. Kathy Koch loves seeing children flourish and helping parents make it happen—and it’s never too late to start. She wants to help our tween listeners to be all that God designed him or her to be.

FOR PARENTS: Every 8 Great Smarts book includes a FREE access code for the official 8 Great Smarts Quiz located at:

discussion questions

  • Have you thought about a job you’d like to have when you’re older?
  • How do you like to learn and do homework?
  • Which of the 8 smarts are your strongest?
  • Where do you need to grow in your smarts?

Where can you find Dr. Kathy Koch?
Instagram: @CelebrateKidsInc
Facebook: @CelebrateKidsInc