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Episode 2

Today on the podcast we are going to be talking about comparing ourselves. Comparing how we are alike and different helps us to discover how God made us uniquely. It’s fun to share our differences when it comes to favorites. It’s like searching for valuable treasure that helps us know and celebrate someone else. 

The question we’re exploring today is this: Am I comparing to treasure or measure? 

Comparison is a human struggle but it’s really important for tweens and teens to be aware of because you’re trying to figure out who you are in this world and comparing seems like an easy way to do that. The problem is that it’s easy but it’s wrong. Other people aren’t the ones who give us value. Only God does. This is when we’re using comparing to measure not treasure. 

Rilyn and Jill share:

  • We need to look at others and treasure but not measure. 
  • We have to start being more grateful of what we have and who we are, maybe even starting a grateful journal. 
  • We need to be careful how much we’re on social media because it can cause us to compare our insides with other people’s outsides. 

Conversation Starters

  • What’s your favorite candy bar?
    Favorite way to relax?
    Favorite lunch food? 

  • When or where are you tempted to compare?
  • When is a time you were jealous of someone?
  • What are you grateful for?